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Can children use cannabis for various treatments?

Can children use cannabis for various treatments?

These days, many children use CBD based products to treat different kinds of diseases. It’s not rare to know cases or stories about someone who got to know the benefits of medicinal cannabis for treating convulsions. Before the usage of CBD, it was common for people to have 40 to 50 convulsive crisis a day. Aligning cannabinoid medicine with medical prescriptions, the suffering is reduced to less than half. 

That's because the substance has a power whose mechanisms are still being discovered by science: to control epilepsies when the drugs don't do the job. 

Another common account from mothers is the usage of CBD for autistic children. Preliminary studies have shown the possibility of using CBD to help with several symptoms, such as sleeping problems, hyperactivity and anger. Most research still includes small groups of people, which doesn’t allow us to understand how the substance works in different organisms.  Researchers still have to clarify possible side effects and long term consequences of the usage, as well as unravel exactly how the parts of our brain altered by CBD affect the behaviour of autistic people.

CBD is one of the 80 cannabinoids, substances that activate specific receptors in our brain, which are present in marijuana. As it’s not a psychoactive medicine, it doesn’t cause euphoria or trance, but it improves the influence of endocannabinoids, molecules which act in the communication between neurons in several neurologic systems. Due to that, it has anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects.