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CBD and women’s health

CBD and women’s health

Much is being studied about the benefits of cannabis for many female issues, such as changes in hormone levels, humor, pains and their sexual health. 

As we’ve posted on our social media, the CBD oil has positive effects in several psychological movements of our mind. Making a difference in stress and anxiety, it acts providing calm and relaxing sensations. The same happens during women’s menstrual period. CBD and other cannabinoids affect the brain in many ways to regulate the message sent to several hormone producing glands. For example, they increase the production of serotonin to improve humor and fight depression. 

One of the most common issues in the feminine universe is the pain and discomfort present in the menstrual cycle. Cramps and strong flow make it impossible for women to work, study, exercise and even drive their own cars. Fortunately, it’s already proven that the use of the plant relieves the common symptoms of menstruation, as well as bloating, irritability, muscle tension, tender breasts and mood swings. 

Regarding sex life; the hormonal effects a woman’s body produces, causing sometimes pain during penetration and lack of libido with the partner, cannabis can act on this issue, through dopamine, responsible for stimulating sexual behavior. Once the cannabinoid receptors are activated, the levels of dopamine increase and so does the sexual pleasure. When the person relaxes and feels comfortable, pleasure can take over the brain, relieving discomforts. Also, it’s proven that the use of cannabis products before sexual activities, reduces the pains several women report having during intercouse.

Thanks to several research studies, now we know that women are consuming more and more cannabis to solve problems related to female health.