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Hemp, CBD oil and animals

Hemp, CBD oil and animals

We talked about the benefits of Hemp for domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, a few times now. However, they are not the only ones who can benefit from the Hemp’s therapeutic effects. There are several studies that show the efficiency of CBD when treating intraocular pression in rabbits and pain and inflammations on horses, for instance.

Beyond its medicinal use, the Hemp seed is a great source of vegetable protein, and it is already known that many types of animals can metabolize CBD. 

Hemp: food for animals

Conventional pet foods lack essential nutrients and are mainly made to be tasty or produced in an economic way. In reality, most of us do not know what we are feeding our cats and dogs exactly.

If we consider economy and health at the same level, the use of Hemp as feed is perfect. Food made from Hemp are an excellent source of vegetable protein highly digestible with a long list of additional nutritive benefits, such as an abundancy of omega and essential minerals that are rarely found in this amount on vegetable sources.

In addition, it is very economical to use Hemp seeds to feed livestock on a large scale. An independent study compared the growth of sheep and cattle in America by including Hemp in the diet with those on control diets and found weight gains of 0,5 kg per day for sheep, 3 kg per day for cattle, and reduced methane emissions. An Italian study made with cattle showed and increase in milk production in cows that were fed diets containing Hemp seeds, when compared to a control group fed a typical diet.

Hemp has many natural properties to facilitate, slow down, and avoid common health problems. Several reports examine the benefits of adding Hemp to animal diet. These studies show that Hemp can strengthen the immune system, maintain a healthy weight, increase energy, improve joint health, and improve skin and fur condition.

Pharmaceutical Properties of Cannabis

We have talked a lot about the many therapeutic benefits of CBD when used to treat several human pathologies. This happens due to the capability of the Phytocannabinoids to express and interact with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS), representing a group of Cannabinoid receptors, Endocannabinoids, and enzymes responsible for their synthesis and their catabolism and genes that code for these proteins.

The fact is that the presence of ECS was identified in many different species of animals, such as invertebrates, including mollusks, protozoa, and crustaceans; lower vertebrate, including amphibians (salamanders, frogs) and other aquatic organisms (such as goldfish); and vertebrates such as birds and chickens; and mammals such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, wolves, and tigers. 

Many veterinarians have successfully used Cannabis derivatives for pain relief (mainly for neuropathic, osteoarthritis and cancer pain), epilepsy, skin allergies and mood disorders such as anxiety. With restless or irritable animals, including hemp oil on the diet can reduce anxiety. 

CBD oil could also be a great ally to fight against stress caused by noises during festivals and celebrations, that affect several animals. Some drops of CBD oil in your pet’s water or food could help to calm them down.