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Our Story is Your Story

Our Company

ProLife Hemp is a vertically integrated CBD company USDA Organic certified, and we’re here to encourage you to take control of your wellness. Our process is Farm to Family, meaning that we won’t skimp on quality. Our products set the standard, beginning with traditional generation Colorado and Oregon farmers, and ending up right on your doorstep. ProLife Hemp organic products are safe, reliable, accessible, and clean. Every step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored by our staff — we focus on all of the little details to ensure that our products are compliant and effective.

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Culture & values

ProLife Hemp stands for People’s Wellbeing. Our philosophy is related to life as a whole. We believe in only sourcing ethically farmed products to our customers at a fair price. Founders of ProLife Hemp are passionate and excited about helping you and your family to have better quality life. Turn knowledge into behavior. Play an important role that affects millions of people.

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